Christine is a licensed therapist in the Lewistown, Montana area. She has many years experience practicing and teaching group, body-oriented and transpersonal therapies.

She is an expert at creating safe and heart-focused experiences.

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This four day experiential group

formatted workshop is open to

Counselors, Social Workers, LACs,

Coaches and others in the field.

Application to the Board has been made for 28 CEUs

Mind, Body, Spirit Level l and Level ll

Infuse your counseling practice with Transpersonal and Body-Oriented Psycho-Therapeutic Approaches. Join us for a heart-centered experiential workshops designed to take your

Bring your counseling practice to a place of deeper connection and compassion.

These workshops weave together traditional practices of cognitive behavioral therapy with body-oriented techniques.

Learn how to utilize your client’s spiritual connection to assist in transcending suffering and bringing meaning to their life experience.

Through a focus on mindfulness and heart-centered practices, counselorswill come away with an understanding of how trauma is stored in the body and how to use the body as an access point for healing.


These workshops are especially great as a beginning course to develop a healing practice for clients.

Reiki Plus, Reiki Plus II, Reiki Advanced Practioner, Reiki Master

Expand your transpersonal therapy skills.

Learn to channel healing to the physical body in these heart-centered energy healing workshops. Participants will learn about Reiki, The aura, chakras and meridians, healthy energy management techniques, assessment, chakra balancing, etheric unruffling, and reiki hand positions.

Join me to learn techniques of ancient healing .


This gathering of supportive women takes place in Arizona for an inspiring five days of true healing.

Aligning With the Artistry of Soul and Vibrational Healing-Women’s Retreat

(Co-taught with Susan Estep, AZ only.)

Welcome to a gathering of supportive sisterhood for an inspiring five days of true healing, personal soul artistry, subtle energy teachings, Reiki Attunement,  Medicine Wheel orientation, ceremony and heart led Gifting to Beautiful Mother Earth