It is rare to find a counselor with as much knowledge about trauma and anxiety disorders as Chris. I feel so lucky to have found her here in Central Montana. It has made all of the difference in my life and helped me start a healing process I did not know I was capable of. — L.J
Chris Tremain has made a profound impact on my life; mind, body and soul. She has guided me towards an extraordinary journey using many healing modalities. There are not enough words to express the impact of her gifts. For this, I’ll be eternally grateful. — L.B
Chris has opened a new world in me and for me.  But, she is more than a counselor. She is a spiritual guide.  She has set me on the path of love, honesty, awakening, personal and authentic empowerment, and continual and continuous spiritual growth.  She has changed my life, and I am forever grateful. — M.S
I started seeing Chris to help me through the grief of losing my dad. Little did I know I was beginning a journey of greater proportion than I could have ever imagined! I have been guided through healing many layers of trauma and shock, creating space for me to find my strength and joy. Along with personal sessions, I am grateful for the variety of group settings where healthy, loving community is created to support Chris’s teachings.  The depth of work is tremendous.  It is when I see the impact of my personal growth reflected in my children that I recognize how much bigger than just me these efforts are. — G.C
Working with Chris is like coming home. I have been learning and growing with her for 20 years now. Her commitment to my growth and spiritual development has been unwavering and her compassion for all of my ups and downs along the way never ends.  The best part, her commitment to herself continues her growth and development as well! — K.L